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Assessment & Development Centres:

Though Assessment and Development Centres use similar techniques to evaluate employees, they are often misunderstood to be the same.

An Assessment Centre (AC) is used as an exercise to determine talent, select new employees or discover promotion-ready candidates amongst current employees. It helps identify and select the best talent by identifying and measuring current levels of competencies (knowledge, skills and behavior/attitude) against a job description (position profile) that are essential for delivering superior performance in that job.

A Development Centre (DC) is used exclusively for enhancing competencies and capabilities aligned to a potential future role, using a structured learning and developmental plan. This process looks to nurture and build talent and is focused on identifying employees with potential to be groomed for higher roles and responsibilities, establishing competency and capability development objectives (often individualized) and in alignment with their own career aspirations and interest.

At Empowered Learning, depending on the needs and objectives, we use multi-dimensional approaches in selecting and deploying the appropriate tools. Some of these are:

  • Business Simulation
  • In-basket Exercise
  • Behavioural Event Interview
  • Group Discussion
  • Case Study Method
  • Individual Presentations
  • Written Communication
  • Group Activities
  • Psychometric Instruments
  • Role Plays
After discussions with the client, essential tools are chosen that help elicit behaviors that are relevant to the most important aspects of the job position or role for which the delegates are being considered.
Typical Objectives of the Assessment / Development Centre:

1.    To understand the state of the current Talent Pool;
2.    Baseline the information from the Talent Assessment to
-    role modelling behaviours;
-    identify Critical Talent & Hi-Potential Talent;
-    have career development focused discussions;
-    provide downstream career related support.
3.    Propose a Program to encompass the competencies
-    evaluation mechanism for the Assessment Centre/s;
-    take away from the assessment;
-    possible downstream interventions with impact.

For more information on the above, please contact Meeta Lee at meeta@empoweredindia.com/+91 - 90499 89754.

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