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Employee to CEO: 6 skills that work

Blog by Vijayan Pankajakshan on Oct 29, 2015.
Great CEOs are not born, they are created through a lifetime of learning, failing and acquiring new experiences.

There are some key traits that distinguish the CEOs and top managers of an organisation.

The CEO, for one, is a star manager, a leader par excellence, a visionary who can drive his/her team and company to achieve new milestones.

Here are some managerial skills you must master to become the CEO of a company:


Good Coach to Great Coach

Blog by Prasad Deshpande on Sep 22, 2015.
In lovely Florence, undoubtedly the most impressive living art gallery pretending to be a town, there are two places which stand out for me. The Uffizi gallery and the Accademia Gallery.

The former houses SandroBotticelli's 'Birth of Venus' and the latter, the statue of David. David up front and close has a majesty, a presence that photographs simply can't convey. '' I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."


Tips to B +ve

Blog by Meeta Lee on Aug 3, 2015.
It is true that self-confidence is infectious, impelling, convincing and it draws others towards you. Only you are responsible for your success or otherwise. Of course you will need support from others too, if you need to achieve success, but you will never get that co-operation unless you energise your mind with the positive attitude of confidence. No one pays attention to a person low on self-confidence. The only way you can develop that confidence is by being positive. So, how can you do that?


There is no problem, Sir!

Blog by Siva Rangaswamy on Aug 18, 2015.
A visit to the nearby retail outlet of a major "Print & Copy" player was a classic lesson in service. I had a specific need to prepare a report that had some complex needs. Given the rush at the time, the store manager personally attended to me.

I started, "I have a problem".

The immediate retort - "There is no problem, Sir".


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