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As a learning organisation, consultants at ELS constantly upgrade skills and achieve certifications which enables us to use proprietary methods of various world class organisations. Our partners include Herrmann International, Thinking Dimensions International (KEPNERandFOURIE) and OnTrack International, and we provide their globally acclaimed solutions to our clients.
At ELS we also believe in the strength of specialization. This often leads us to look beyond our internal resources to get a specialist's view on the concerned matter which helps us in devising comprehensive solutions for client needs. We have many subject matter experts as our business associates.
ELS Associates: Partners in development, Experts of Great Repute

Share values. Collaborate. Work together and win the world.

ELS wishes to acknowledge the strategic alliances that it has with partners, who bring with them expertise that enables ELS to extend its offerings and reach. The relationship has proven to be extremely beneficial to our clients.
Dr. Prashant Kale - Professor of Strategy, Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management, Rice University. Conducts research in the area of corporate strategy, strategic alliances and mergers and acquisitions. Read more.....
S. Ramesh - Operates his consultancy from Bangalore under the name of ‘‘i.e.,’’. Ramesh is a domain expert in Banking, Workflow automation, CRM and BPO and has worked with clients of various software organisations in the areas of business development, consulting, large account management, IS governance, IT architecture reviews, business planning and setting up of new operations. He teaches International Marketing, Sales Management, Cross-Culture Business Practices and Negotiation Skills at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Read more.....
Malli Mastan Babu - Please join us as we remember Malli Mastan Babu who passed away on 24 March, 2015 in the Andes Mountains after getting caught in bad weather post a successful solo attempt of Tres Cruces Sur Summit. As a friend & our Associate, Malli's love for taking up challenges and his phrase 'Never give up, never give in' will continue to inspire us as we continue to walk in his footsteps towards new goals. He will always be known for his 2006 world record feat of climbing each continent's highest peak (Seven Summits) in the shortest span of time. This feat will continue to inspire not only the youth of the nation but corporate business leaders as well. His untiring efforts have been recognised the world over as well as by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who paid tribute to Malli's indomitable spirit.
J P Singh - A firm believer in making and keeping things simple, J P Singh has ventured into consultancy after completing successful assignments in leadership roles at Lakme (Group Product Manager), Living Media (Regional Manager - Western Region) and Bausch & Lomb India & SAARC (Managing Director). Winner of several awards and commendation for his works, JP, as he is popularly known, offers expertise in developing and implementing strategies to enhance revenue, marketing & brand equity, leadership capability, productivity & profitability and customer value offerings. He is also a certified KEPNERandFOURIE consultant. Read more.....
Sangeetha Gowda - A freelance consultant, trainer & success coach with various organisations, Sangeetha's firm is called Orange Consulting. She offers expertise in the areas of Behavioral & Management training including Managing Time Effectively, Enhancing Personal Productivity, Stress Management, Work-Life Balance for Women, Creativity & Innovation and many other similar programs. Having specialized in Personal & Executive Coaching, Sangeetha has coached several hundred executives and other individuals. Besides, she is a certified KEPNERandFOURIE consultant

Whole Brain® Thinking (WBT):

People have markedly different ways that they perceive and assimilate information, make decisions, and solve problems. Appreciation of and attention to these different "thinking styles" can literally change the way you interact with your workforce and do business with your customers. As the business world becomes more complex, understanding the thinking styles of your customers and expanding the thinking styles of your workforce beyond their "regular" preferences may not be a luxury, but a necessity.

Ned Herrmann, as Manager of Management Education within General Electric Corporation, pioneered the study of the brain in the field of business - specifically, how individuals' thinking preferences, or "brain dominance", affect the way they work, learn, and communicate.

While at GE, Ned developed and validated an instrument now known as the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), and the organizing principle behind it, Whole Brain® Thinking (WBT®). Currently, over a million people have taken the HBDI® and Herrmann International maintains a sizable electronic database of this ongoing research.

The highly validated Whole Brain® Model is scientifically designed to help people learn to think better. Training that utilizes WBT® focuses on showing people how to use their whole brain - not just the parts which they feel most comfortable with. This methodology has been scientifically proven to help individuals at all levels to become more cooperative and productive, and can lead to heightened levels of employee and team performance.

By taking advantage of WBT® and its many applications, companies have addressed issues including leadership, creative problem solving, communication, productivity and more. Companies who've applied the principles of WBT® have found that once employees are aware of their own and others' thinking preferences, they're much more likely to want to improve their skills in less preferred quadrants or to make sure they use other resources to "bridge the gaps."

For more information on HBDI® and WBT® please contact our certified HBDI® practitioner, Prasad Deshpande or through our Contact Us page.

Please go to the following links for WBT® and HBDI® related article, white paper and interview.

To learn more about Herrmann International, visit their website: www.hbdi.com

KEPNERandFOURIE Thinking TechnologyTM - Better, Faster and More Flexible

Problem solving and decision making in today's complex and multi-dimensional business world requires a well thought out, knowledge based approach. The approach involves carrying out investigative research, converting expertise and "gut-feel" into intuitive choices and thinking on one's feet. The problem is - to begin the thought process, information is needed and in today's technology driven world there is no dearth of it leading to a confusing information overload scenario.

The solution lies in :

  • Quickly gathering only relevant inputs and rejecting all other.
  • Having a definite and effective method for evaluating and analyzing the gathered information.

KEPNERandFOURIE Thinking TechnologyTM

While application areas are wide-ranging, typical applications include - overcoming:

  • Unplanned waste, rejects and other quality deviations.
  • Excessive breakdowns, downtime and poor turnaround times.
  • Issues with recurring problems and poor decision making.
  • Slow results emerging from existing Six Sigma, LEAN and ITIL initiatives.
  • Poor or ineffective innovation practices.

KEPNERandFOURIE have earned the reputation of rescuing flagging continuous improvement programs through several no-nonsense practical business improvement processes. These methods and techniques have been developed to be understood and utilized by all employees at all levels within the organisation.

KEPNERandFOURIE Thinking TechnologyTM is brought to you in India, through the services of Empowered Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd. (ELS), Pune, India. They have a team of consultants and partners who are certified KepnerapracticendFourie Thinking TechnologyTM practitioners.

KEPNERandFOURIE Thinking TechnologyTM traces its origins back to 1997. It was then that Dr.Chuck Kepner and Dr. Matt Fourie collaborated on the design and delivery of problem solving and decision making techniques to some of the leading companies in the world. Companies that required - better, faster, and more flexible techniques to improve performance.

Chuck Kepner
Chuck Kepner together with Ben Tregoe, revolutionized the business world in the 1960's with the development of their rational thinking processes. He co-authored the best selling books, The Rational Manager and The New Rational Manager. Chuck is widely recognized as a pioneer and a "guru" in the field of problem solving and decision making. While continuing to publish additional books and countless articles, he was the principal in his own consulting practice that included clients such as Disney, Du Pont and NASA.

Mat-thys Fourie
Mat-thys Fourie has a wide range of international experience in the fields of problem solving and decision making, root cause analysis, project management and innovation. He has consulted worldwide and is a renowned public speaker on the above topics. His clients include BMW, VW, The Gillette Company, Frito Lay, Cadbury Schweppes, Northrop Grumman (Newport News), SAIC, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He is co-author of Innovation: The FreeZone Thinking Experience.

Thinking Dimensions International (TDI) is a global company which has the exclusive distribution rights for the KEPNERandFOURIE Thinking TechnologyTM, worldwide.

KEPNERandFOURIE Thinking TechnologyTM certified team of practitioners at ELS include Jay, Prasad, Vijayan, Rohan, Ramesh, Meeta, JP Singh and Sangeetha.

To learn more about Kepner & Fourie, visit their website: http://www.thinkingdimensionsglobal.com/

For a stronger & sharper focus on the Kepner&Fourie methodology, we have created a focussed business, Thinking Dimensions India (TDI). Please visit www.thinkingdimesnionsindia.com for more information.

Andrew Sobel's Client Relationships Re-Imagined®

Client relationships are more important than ever to your success. But they are also harder than ever to build. Buyer sophistication, the rise of procurement, and unprecedented information transparency mean that traditional client development strategies no longer work.

Client Relationships Re-Imagined is a proven system for developing and growing clients. It builds new, powerful individual skills and organizational capabilities.

We teach organizations and individuals how to build their clients for life. For over 20 years, Andrew Sobel has conducted the most extensive research ever done on the ingredients of long-term client relationships. Using proprietary techniques, Sobel has helped more than 40,000 client-facing professionals, in 53 countries, acquire more new clients and dramatically grow their existing relationships.

The journey of building clients for life nearly always starts with an expert-for-hire relationship. We've developed a unique set of strategies and tools to help professionals systematically evolve into trusted advisors-and to help firms become a trusted partner to their best clients. When the individual's role moves from a narrow expert to a client advisor, and the firm builds many-to-many relationships, the result is enduring, institutional relationships that drive steady revenue growth.

Our programs institutionalize the strategies and skills needed to overcome the toughest relationship challenges. This program is a proven approach for transforming skills and behaviours. Companies always pin their hopes for growth on finding new clients and new markets, but your best growth opportunities are your existing clients which are right at your doorstep.

To learn more about Andrew Sobel's Client Relationships Re-Imagined, please click here to download the brochure.

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